I’m confused 😕😭

My babe went to meet with another guy in hotel, where they kissed later took her to the mall; she only told me she went to the mall with guy. Later that same day she came over to my place, then I found out through her phone that she was lying, read the chats with the guy. What I read from the chats was too🤯😂 I’ve been denied 😂 . Okay I questioned her, she denied for hours till early in the morning the next day, she opened up I angrily told her to leave my house in the morning when we’re up. That same morning she messaged the same guy to come pick her up to his place in another state but before she left I called questioned her, she started pleading and crying that she’s sorry about everything, she doesn’t wanna leave as we’ve been together for long bla bla bla. Fast forward to now, after reading the chats I don’t really know i feel🤦‍♂️ I’m disappointed, confused, all the chats still reflects in my head, it seem really hard to forgive her. Yes I love her and ready to move on but not with all of these in my head. How do I get over this? Should I let go of her ? Or give another chance though can’t just forget it

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