Teachers fantasy part 1

I’m a young female and ever since I entered a girl’s boarding school, I find myself attracted to male teachers. I think it’s because we were only girls and my hormones were raging. I like the good-looking young (30 ish) teachers, and now even in university, most of them find me attractive too and they get even more attracted to me when I answer questions intelligently and stand out. Is it because I’m sapiosexual or into older guys? What drives me? Because I see my mates as unattractive and immature.

Teachers fantasy part 2

The was this one teacher who was an alpha male, gosh he was so attractive but he noticed me before I noticed him, how did I know? he was also spying on me and creating jokes to create rapport with me. Unfortunately he had a big ring staring at me in the face, funny thing, the fact that he is a forbidden fruit drew me closer to him. One time on my birthday, he invited me to his house to give me lunch, and tried to kiss me, I didn’t allow it but it made my fantasies grow. Eventually I went back and kissed him but I didnt spend the night (haven’t had sexual intercourse before so I was scared, I’m 22 years old by the way). I was constantly battling with my conscience because I’m a Christian and I feel guilty for the least things, he understood but enjoyed my company way too much. I had to tell him to stop, eventually he left the country to UK but he still send me “I miss you” texts and how he will be coming for the holidays.. more parts to come

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