I feel very alone, my siblings are out of the country even my close cousin. My “best friend” has been a bitch, doesn’t call or text to check up on me in months. I do the calling and since I stopped she has moved on with her life so I guess we aren’t besties anymore. No boyfriend because I mean it’s hard loving in this country 🤦🏻‍♀️, this guy that’s my f**k buddy started opening up to me about how he feels about me which is mutual. Although we are both scared of love and aren’t talking about love but we do like each other a lot, he made me open up to him emotionally which I rarely do made me find safety and comfort in him both physically and emotionally and now he says he’s relocating to Abuja 😢. The past few weeks have been overwhelmed with emotions for me but no one to share it with, I’m too fine and genuine to be a lone.

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