Hard life

Life is not smiling at me at all, I feel down most times. I am a graduate in Economics though but i could not see a good job, instead i do BA jobs and not everytime because some of those supervisors are stingy with their job, it makes life so hard for me. Apart from that i tried learning a trade or any skills, but it’s so hard, me that i find it hard to eat, i can’t even pay for skills. I swear i am always depressed. I am 21 but not achieving anything and i always feel i am wasting my life every single day.

One comment

  1. Is there a way I can get this lady’s number, I could hopefully talk to someone about a job for her. It may not be much but the thought of leaving the house for a job and earning at the end of the month may reduce all the numerous thoughts she may be having. I just need to know that she’s want the job from there I can proceed talking to the person. I am not a scammer or anything, just someone who knows exactly what it feels like to feel what she’s feeling. I can give you my number if you’d like. I just want to help, that’s all.

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