I am in deep regrets right now and I think I might take my life 😔the pain is too much, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the past 3 years, by November we should be 4 years. Recently he was very broke and then he changed, no more attention or wanting me around, he even said there’s nothing more I can offer him except sex, this I know but he doesn’t have to make it so obvious. Well long story short I broke up with him one day because he said I was a prostitute, but I didn’t mean the breakup I was just angry na 😭😭. The next day I called, he refused to pick I chatted and told him I was coming over he said he’s done that I shouldn’t come unless it’s to pick my stuff. Ah 😭😭it’s been three weeks now and I am still in pains, were will I see a serious, fine, God fearing , and dope boyfriend 😭, all the people I meet they have one flaw or the other 🤦‍♀️. My boyfriend was perfect in my eyes he was everything 😭😭, I have fucked up a good thing 😭😭😭. My heart keeps bleeding I’ve lost weight and not feeling. Well, maybe I should just end it all 😭.

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