Bad dreams

For some reason I feel like a failure. I used to have nightmares as a kid where I would walk back home from school the suddenly get stuck. Unable to move until someone came and held my hand, walked me halfway back home then tell me to go on because we are going separate ways.

Bad dreams 2.

I could never quite see their face, and they always left before I could say thank you. I also do not know if I ever managed to get home. Fast forward to now, and O feel stuck in life. No friends, no boo, no job, not in education either. Has me wishing that person will come hold my hand.

Bad dreams 3

The weird thing is I always have dreams of me doing random things, and they all end upwith me getting very sick. My illness makes me very ugly, dumb, and partially handicapped, and my mother’s friends make fun of me. Telling her how her golden daughter is now worthless.

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