I’ve fallen deep into depression that I’m now used to being depressed. Truth is I can’t even figure out the cause of it. Maybe it’s the expectations of being a graduate from my family or to get married or maybe I’m don’t have the type of money I want yet. Perhaps, it’s one of the above or more. Sometimes i feel so lost and empty. My boyfriend cheated on me but i forgave him and sometimes the thoughts pop up and i get sad rather than angry all over again and I think it’s because I’m a sensitive person and I overthink alot. But then, he’s my peace of mind honestly. No one gets to me like him and I’m scared of loosing him. I’ve never been scared of loosing anyone before. And then there is my mum putting marriage pressure and the zeal to graduate from both my dad and mum but school is not my thing. The money I’ve made so far didn’t come from school. Omo
I just feel drained, my boyfriend calms me down though but i feel like there’s some part of me missing. I just feel drained.

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  1. Leave him. Be honest to your parents. Live your life to the fullest. It is going to hurt and suck but you’ll be better. Remember if you start your healing journey, there’s no going back

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