Serious Problem!

I met this lovely, sweet and wonderful girl about 2 years ago. Initially, I only wanted it to be friendship, somewhat platonic. I did not give her any green light or any thing to make her feel anyway towards me because i am married. It was just friendship, and we vibed well. We got close (by mistake) and the first time we had sex, it was like she filled up something in me. In all my years even when i was single, i never felt the way she made me feel. I knew she would leave if i told her the truth. I didn’t want to decieve her because i really felt something for her even asides the sex. I guess i wasn’t realistic with my self. I still beg God sometimes just for me to see her one more time to make amends because she’s a sweet soul and didn’t deserve what i did. I think about her everyday. But to what end? Will i have 2 wives?

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