Well, my lecturer used my thighs to cum when I just turned 18 and said he couldn’t be arrested because I wasn’t a minor. My first University boyfriend raped me when I got to my final year and called it ‘rough play’. Never told my boyfriend at the time or anyone because I always felt it was my fault because I put myself in that position. Well now I am battling with my mental health and I’m almost giving up. Yay me!

Insight into the Well…. story

It wasn’t a sex for grades thing, this happened because he decided he wanted me and had to have me, he gave me two options, to either let him use my thighs or he’ll go ahead and rape me, I literally just turned 18 at the time so I thought that was the way to go since the latter was rape and there was no escaping. I wasn’t the course rep but he always made me submit everyone’s assignments to his office, so every chance he had to lock me in, he did.
Looking back, there was really nothing else I could’ve done, it was already clear that I was doomed and there was no escape.
People that know, know that reporting lecturers for harassment won’t exactly get you anywhere except you get lucky.

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