I don’t want it to end😭

I met this guy September last year and fell in love. Everything was almost perfect with us, sex was amazing he tried financially and I was okay wit it. Sometimes in April he started to withdraw, I noticed and asked, he said he was planning on leaving the country and we can’t continue what we have. I felt so heart broken because I’m way deep into him, we’re so shaky, our communication dying gradually everyday and I hate to see it. I felt a level of intimacy with him, all levels, all my friends knew him. I could travel stay weeks with each other, now everything is in shambles, I’m hurt because it takes a lot for me to love. He sounds like he doesn’t even want to try long distance even if I suggested it because his vibe towards me don’t even feel same no more, text once in 4 days and I see no emotions in his text. I’ve complained but no change, as if he’s doing it just so I won’t keep nagging. I hate it cause I’m still much into him, I loved what we had and want this man for myself!😭

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