I just want to heal🥺🥺

I broke up recently with my boyfriend meanwhile there was this other guy I was really growing on. Thing is I had an heartbreak not because I broke up but because this new guy wasn’t serious with me. He keeps saying I’m important to him but acts otherwise, always saying he’s busy because of work. I really don’t know what to do anymore, I keep getting hurt but can’t let go or forget about him. He even forgot my birthday but isn’t really sorry about it. I really want to hate him but my heart keeps yearning for him I guess I’m a confused being because I’m really tired 🥺🥺. I just want to feel loved and appreciated is that too much to ask🥺😭.

One comment

  1. Let it go. Go be a bad ass. Realtalk. Keep yourself accountable and take your self seriously, you manifesting someone else feeling of love instead of having it bursting inside out. Go take a cold shower. Seriously. Google the benefits. Take one once a day for 30 days and after each one of them smile, love and be proud of yourself. Make yourself self a tea sha, the water is still cold 🤣
    YOU GOT THIS. Having a heartbreak is part of life

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