Bet9ja😭 pt1

Please who knows how I can reach out to bet9ja to block my sister’s account and any name in semblance to her name in case she tries open another one. She’s obsessed with gambling. She has literally lost millions to it and is in debts! I’m going crazy

Bet9ja😵 pt2

Ever since she had a dream some time ago, that she won 20 million naira with betting, she won’t rest. Now she has turned to a serial debtor. I don’t even want to mention how much she has lost. She has lost a lot of money to gambling. It’s so bad that she sold her land (2 plots), bet the money and lost everything. Her desperation to get rich quick has become a mental case. This has caused her problems in her marriage because she keeps gambling away everything. It has caused her friendships, now it’s the major reason why we are having issues. The police has visited her a number of times due to the debts she owes as a result of the money she borrowed that she used to bet. I’ve been harrased several times by her friends who we owes all because she refuses to pick their calls. They gone to my parents’ house to harrass them for the money their daughter owes them. We’re not very financially bouyant but my parents do their best to give me the best education. They put me in a good private university, whose fees is over a million. In 2019, my parents gave her my school fees to pay but she ended betting it and lost, I almost dropped out of school because of her. When my parents found out it was not funny that period, I forgave her but she keeps getting worse by the day. She borrowed over a #500k for a purpose, she thought she could double the money X10 with (10 odds) and ended loosing it. Now she lost the money plus she owes the person #500k+ (despite her other debts). Is she not tired of being visited by the police or being sworn for by her debtors. Her marriage is standing on a loose thread because of this. Absolutely, no body trusts her again. I’m the only one who keeps believing her that She’ll change and get better but she keeps making me loose hope in her everyday. That #500k she lost this night was supposed to be for a purpose. This won’t scare her, she will go and find somewhere else to borrow and promise the victim heaven and earth, then bet it again. Sometimes I wish the betting site should just crash for good.

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