Confused 🤦‍♂️ 😩

In a couple of weeks I will be leaving Nigeria to Turkey, for normal guy man hustling but my friends are advising me run things (join a cult) before traveling, so as to easily link up with men for updates and connections. Some of our guys came back last year because of same stuff, they got it done then left. I’m just confused because my babe doesn’t support cultism. I asked her 1 time how would she react if she finds out I’m a cultist, she said she will end the relationship but the thing is, I’m not joining to fight. I really do need the connections that comes with it and I’ve always admired them (Axemen). I’m just confused about the whole thing.


  1. Bullshit man, don’t fall for those lies. Those are just sweet talks they give you to get you mixed up with them like they do in the university. Look I’ve been at that same spot where you are at right now, i was also given the same offer but I decided not to do it, as much as i love being part of the axemen but I decided not to, as a matter of fact(i don b get lm when wan carry me go bam) but i had to think bro, its the long term and not short term. Guess what from last year till now I’ve cashed out $550,000 in just a space of two years, I’m richer than all my friends who wanted me to join that shit because i made them join when i got back from school telling them (i b aye) they believed but didn’t know i was just impersonating, when they became one of them they tried to ID which I opened up to them that I wasn’t one and they got mad and tried sweet talking me with this travel abroad or having connections with men, fuck that shit bro. Cause honestly one with God is majority, just belong to the God click brother. No cap his gonna do it for you over and over again and you see those connections they’re talking about, they’re definitely gonna start coming in by themselves. I’ve been there and I’ve done that, all you need is God and just work not necessary working hard just pray for just one good job hit trust me its gonna come man. Sorry for the long note

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