My woman ❤️ me so much. And I want to fuck her not so close friend’s.

My girlfriend so much love me, she just can’t get stop showering me with love, truth be told I love her so much. Recently, she told me about her not so close friends sexual fantasy. Normal girls talk na, I just made her share some with me. I felt evil when I heard these girls fantasy. It’s like I’ve known their secret recipe. 👿👿👹☠😁. Damn! I want in on these girls. I want to fuck these girl’s like “Johnny Sin” and “Rome Major” like a whore she is. (HARD CORE WAY). Long before now, I know ladies have the weirdest sexual fantasy. It’s shocking how most of these ladies partners never asked or help explore there fantasy. I’m this type of a guy who love to explore a woman hidden secret and fetish. Though, I’m nice, physically attractive and very blunt but I don’t want attachment from a random girl, no break my woman heart. The thing is how am I going to fuck this her not too close friends without my woman knowing? Omo, these girls fantasy is mad. Chei. Dude, I’m like one of the few guy who love to explore dirty fantasy and not selfish. I don’t like it when ladies don’t enjoy sex because the guys who fuck them are just too selfish.

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