God is good

For over 3 weeks now, I have been having vaginal discharge and spotting and it also came with an odor. This worried me a lot and the fact it was continuous was stressing me out. I messaged online gynecologist, spoke to doctors, most of them said it was an STI or inflammation, and I was scared. I decided to do a test, I did the test and they said I should call back. When I called back they have an excuse and didn’t give me my test result, days went by and I called, same thing. I woke up one morning stressed and frustrated, I was literally about to breakdown and cry. I did actually and I called my brother to talk to him about how stressed I was because of school, no one knows about this vagina thingy except me. When I finished shedding tears on the call, he said why am I calling him when I haven’t prayed, and me sef I was like that’s true, I totally forgot about prayer. I prayed to God to give me the strength to focus on school and grant me wisdom, then I decided to pray about everything, I was crying to God and asking him to heal me, I don’t even care about the results and I don’t want to know how he will heal me. As I was praying, I felt my self discharging, I didn’t even care, I just continued to pray. I kept repeating to myself “ I am healed”. You guys that same day, I stopped spotting, discharge gone, and the odor gone. I’m writing this 3 days later because my vagina is back to normal. And it’s just so exciting that God still answered me even after neglecting him for weeks. And as for the hospital holding my result, they can eat the result and wash it down with engine oil, nonsense. Just putting this out there for anyone going through something. Get on your knees and pray, even if it’s been months or days, go and meet God and tell him your problem, I assure you, he will answer you. ❤

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  1. Don’t be a dumb ass. Go-to another hospital for medical check-up and stop thinking it has stopped.
    The earlier the better. Because , STD can cause infertility.

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