I think I’m falling out of love with my boyfriend, he don’t take care of me like before. Right now I’m the one catering for him till the day I went to his house unannounced. I heard him and his friends saying he should continue the trick for like 1 more month and know if I will quit
That they are not sure I love him
Note : This is a guy that stopped giving me attention, money for my business and everything and have been the one giving him and been down with him for 6 months. All these started since December, that was when he stopped caring and I’m still there. Right now after hearing what they discussed I felt bad and since then everything he does pisses me off like I’m no longer interested. I don’t know if i should continue taking care of him till he finally stops this pretence of not having money then when he stops I will breakup. Nobody should insult me abeg my mental health is involved here 😭🤧
If need be I need a new boyfriend because I need to be loved😫😫😫

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