I’m in T junction where I don’t understand why am still staying here, am a travel consultant and I will say business has been good I thank God for that. I have someone we both have sex no string attached for about 4 years. Along the line, I fell for him but he was clear, so I worked on myself and I forgot it all. Recently his attitude and every thing changed, he’s more attentive to me, always asking me if am having sex with anybody else. I asked him what is happening and he said he’s in love with me but before then we had a fight, we had sex and he wanted to cum inside me which I never ever for one day accepted. After failed attempt, he was angry and I later saw my period that day. I had to leave with the way he was angry and I too. I sent him a text insulting his life and few days later he called me and apologized that he’s in love with me and he wants us to be together. He told me that he does not want to hurt me before that’s why he does not want a relationship and all that. I accepted his apology because I don’t like changing dicks and all, after then he changed totally. He’s nice, calm, na only to spend money remain. Things are currently down for him but with the little he has, he will make sure I’m okay. The issue I have is I’m currently planning my way to move out of the country and which no man or love can stop me. My issue is that what do I do. Do I accept a relationship that can be destroyed with distance or do just keep fucking him and he keeps thinking I want to date him pending the time I move on . P:S I’m a single mom of 1 and he said he’s ready to move to with me but I don’t trust men. He once mentioned that he’s polygamous by nature that he easily falls in love. I don’t love him anymore I just love the sex.

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