I had the best moment of my life yesterday, after so much agony in bad relationships. I met my dear on Instagram a week ago, we met on Friday night, lodged in a 2 bedroom serviced apartment, had the best dinner and best sex after a long time. The care is top notch, I had fun 🤩, back home with thoughts of him 😍😘.

Wa0 2

What is the right day to have sex after a strong connection, for those saying “sex one week Instagram” Well he is single and I confirmed it . He is a gentle man, not everyone is taken. Better answer your DM, he is better than the one I met physical. This is a new generation. Well I was happy whether it will spoil or not at least I did what made me happy. Pretenders, I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone opinion. It will end in praise, wedding and 2 boys and a girl child in Jesus name amen 😂😂.

Wao 2

I did what I like. I was horny and I had sex. And you can’t name it free sex, or me being loose or the guy taking advantage. I want the sex and he wanted it too. No crime , we are adults and I can equally say no not by force. Judge less on comments section Heavenly people.

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