Is this a secret?

I don’t know if this counts as a secret. Who else feels like they are a none player character in this life. Like, we have the main characters obviously. The people that everything seems to revolve around like drama and opportunities and stuff like that. We have the side characters, the friends to the main characters who are not that important but are noticed at least and things seem to be going well for them. Then we have the none player characters, the people who live and die in the background. The ones who seem to have dull, boring lives. They feel like they are not so important to anyone and they have only themselves. Sometimes, they question their existence and reality, and are just overwhelmed with loneliness. It feels like their lives are just a never ending void that only contains sadness and self doubt, and self pity and depression. And they feel invisible, like nobody cares. They just exist for the sake of existing. And as much as I may convince myself that it isn’t true, it is. I’m not the main character in my life.

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