I hate my body😑

I’ll never forgive myself for getting fat. I was a perfect size 8, 4 years ago. How I got to size 14+ is what I still don’t understand. I hate staring at mirrors, I hate full pictures, I hate going out, especially with friends because they look gorgeous, while I look like their big aunty🙄😭 . I hate my body so much😫.

One comment

  1. So I’m replying the girl who hates her body, girl I know where you’re coming from but there’s a difference. I’ve been big my whole but for the past three years I’ve been a size 14. I was insecure about my body and I wouldn’t wear short sleeve dresses. But now? I loveeeeeee it. Yeah I want to lose some weight but I’d love my body regardless. It’s a process my dear, start by telling yourself what you love in your body everyday and in the mirror. Dress up, go out, take bomb ass pictures. Because girl! Nobody in the world is going to love you to your full potential if you don’t start loving yourself. Besides, come closer, didn’t you hear the thicker the Snicker, the more they want you. Own it girl. Or you can still lose weight if you want, it’s hard but it’s worth it. Cheers!!!!😁

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