I honestly miss being with someone that also genuinely wants to be with me. The ones around me are either married or engaged or in very serious relationships or have an ex that won’t leave but still want me “on the low”🙄,they’re very nice and even rich guys but I want MY OWN MAN. I have a job,I don’t stress people (male and female), I mind my business (a little too much), I cook like crazy (it even doubles as my side hustle), I’m physically attractive (OPG), I have sense, what again?? People see me and think I have EVERYTHING going perfectly fine and some say I should be happy because I have so many guys but they don’t understand that it’s more emotional than physical for me.
Now I think my weight might be the problem🤔.

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  1. This is exactly my life right now. It’s so frustrating. I can totally relate to everything you stated, it felt like I was the one that wrote it. I need my own man and not someone else’s

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