When I lost my dog yesterday, it was a very bad day for me though I’m a loner kinda but I still have people we talk everyday who I expect that would be there for me to calm me down and help me pass the phase. Shockingly, the guy I expected much emotional support for left me on read and that stung. Some of my other close friends too couldn’t even say sorry at least. I made a mental note of people I’ll never talk to again. This particular guy messaged me yesterday, I read it intentionally and didn’t reply. This morning he messaged me again but I didn’t bother to open that one. My bestie in JSS class that knows how much shattered I am when I lose dogs didn’t say anything and this morning she sent me some stuff to help her repost because she sells clothes. I didn’t leave her on read solely because of the last respect I have for her. The people I vowed to never talk to are people I talk to everyday but it’s not easy to fight this urge to message them especially this guy. I’m a loner and the little friends I have don’t reciprocate the loyalty I give. I wish there’s a place I could make new friends that we can talk everyday so I’d really stay true to my words of not talking to anyone of them again. Yesterday’s experience was more like an eye opener for me and I’m a person of revenge. Even if we start talking, if either of them should cry their eyes out in front of me I won’t ask what happened not to talk of saying sorry. I really need new friends, September is too long to remain a loner.. I might really lose my mind😭😭💔

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  1. You see how hurt you were when left on read??
    Imagine doing the same to another person and complaining about your own.
    Sorry for your loss though, losing a dog can hurt really bad

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