You all remember me the WAEC girl?. Hmm… I was the one that wrote “LIFE” few days ago. I said I was going to comeback to write about what was troubling me. As much as I would love this to well detailed, I can’t because I’m writing this with the last shred of energy and sanity I have left. I was hopeful about getting admission into Unilorin with my results for a very lesser course . I received the news that Unilorin freshers would resume in September. I was already so depressed about that because if my parents or I had the money, I’d have gone to a state university. I was sad, depressed because I know staying home, going to mom’s shop for the next 8 months is literally a nightmare. If I want to learn work, I’ll still need money for that.
I have a dog, very playful who can’t help but bring smile and happiness to one’s heart. I was going to let myself get used to the September thingy so I was thinking of things that makes me happy at home. The only friend I have left has also left me and gone to school. I was so depressed almost everyday but this dog puts smile on my face everyday. I didn’t want to blame God again so I said though I don’t have any friends or anyone that could make me happy but I have you my dog. 4 days ago, the dog showed symptoms of pavo virus. Immediately it was taken to the best veterinary we have here. The dog has only been away since Friday and I was checking time to go visit it today as planned originally and my mom woke me up with the news that it’s dead. My heart stopped beating for a second trying to digest the information. Just last week, I was thinking of how to start bringing this dog to my mom’s shop because I can’t bear parting with it for so long.
With this , I just can’t help but think God hates me so much. I’ve gone through a lot sad news since last year and this dog was the only one there for me to make me smile daily and happy. Was thinking September is too far for a loner like me to live through and just then again I lost something that only brings me happiness for now. Just this morning, I tried to kill my self because nothing excites me in this world anymore. My family haven’t been helping with the lack of understanding and making me go through hell on a norms then this 💔
I’m known for being a great dog lover and my family but this one hits me more hard than just losing a dog. This one was gonna be my companion, smile giver, cheerful giver till I live this September period through but yet again God took it from
My existence means nothing to me now. I’m not even strong anymore because I’m tired.


  1. Be strong am a dog lover too. And I understand your loss. You have a friend in me. How I wish I could contact you if you need someone to talk too. And am happy to share my dogs with you. Av got 3.lost one last year due to old age

    1. I’m also a dog lover…currently have two dogs…lost one on the 30 Jan 2021 (4days ago) her liver failed…I just want you to know that you are not alone…wish I could contact you thou….love and light 🥰🥰🥰

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