Daddy 😍

About a year and six months ago somewhere in Abuja I met a person. This person was looking at me funny but I didn’t care.
A year and three months ago I ran into the same person. This person collected my phone number. This person asked me out the very next day, I declined as it wasn’t my thing and suggested we remained friends. This person is so kind to me, this person turned friend has done so much for me emotionally and physically than any man in my life. I spent the night in this person’s guest room last night, we were out late so I couldn’t go home. This morning this person brought me breakfast in bed and a new hublot because apparently my hand was empty when we went out last night( that’s how thoughtful this person is). As this person hands over the watch this person says call me daddy. I look at that boyish grin, the one sided dimple, fair glowing skin, that beautiful face with little freckles, the dreadlocks neatly packed into a ponytail, the small breasts hidden beneath all that dyke gear and I say “kiss me daddy”.

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