Confused 😔

I don’t think I still love my girlfriend, I’m not sexually attracted to her except when i get aroused by thinking about someone else or her sister who secretly wants me. But I don’t know how to break up with her, shit has been like this for 2 years ever since she cheated on me. I don’t want people to start saying i left her when I had money and i think I’m definitely gonna end up like one of those unhappy couples.

One comment

  1. Leave her dummy. She cheated on you. She will do it again and chop your money for another man. I promise you this. You already have money problems, why let her hang over your head. Give her that karma Money man 💰, and get her sister 1 time while you at it.

    See how the past is distracting you. One day it will take over your focus ok your own well-being. Throw her out.

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