😞 Failed

I’m 33, a graduate, haven’t collected my certificate since ‘16 (money issues). I tried doing Uber to raise the money but it hasn’t been working out, got a car on HP, after a month someone smashed me up while I was parked and wrecked the car (got out unhurt). Insurance paid the owner of the car and he decided not to continue the business, I couldn’t get another one for months. I got one (direct tokunbo)November last year and felt that was it, few weeks in it was always one problem to another till lockdown came (the brakes even failed on the eve of the first lockdown). After that was fixed, other issues still came up.I was managing it the way it was because that was the only way to at least feed. Then one morning boom, car refused to go into reverse, after checks. I was told to get a new gear box, it’s been 3 months and I haven’t been able to raise 100k to fix it.
My weight dropped drastically, started smoking weed excessively. I have tried to no avail to raise the money. Life right now is so lonely, no one to even talk to about things. I’m scared, i’ve cried my eyes out, i’ve begged God.
This is just one aspect of my life, I feel exhausted.

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