I am in a very serious long distance relationship, and my girlfriend sends me lots of nude even when I don’t need them. And she even gets angry when she offer to send and I tell her I don’t need em. Lately her nudes don’t get me hard anymore. I am tired of seeing them. Think I’m losing interest in her.

Nude PT2

So I read most of yall comments and I appreciate the advice and all. Some even said I was seeing other people which is wrong and I aint cheating. The nudes are too much. Waking up to see videos and nude pictures is beginning to traumatize me. I don’t even view them anymore, I just delete straight away. She is always mad when I say I don’t want em anymore. I just feel the nudes are becoming inappropriate for someone I want to wife. Anyways she’s got her annual holiday and I will be picking her from the airport on Sunday. I hope I can look her in the eye and have sex with her.

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