I’m in a dilemma, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the past five years going to six years now and all through these years I have never cheated on him. I don’t even give any guy audience because I respect my relationship a lot. He is my best friend and everything. Though,he cheats but that one is story for another day. The reason why I’m writing this is, there is this his friend I just started developing feeling for. Something that has never happened to me in the past 5 years. I have never for once liked any guy talk less of developing feelings for him. So seeing myself having feelings for this guy is so weird and unheard of. Like even if I want to catch feelings, it shouldn’t be my boyfriend’s friend. I’ve been trying to fight that stupid feeling but it’s not working. I even dreamt about him last night. I’m thinking of messaging him to tell him how I feel about him just to let the load off my chest not because of any sexual feelings even though I would like to have a taste of him (maybe the feelings will finally go if I have him for a night). I’m confused.

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