Anytime I think of all the names my husband has called me over the years I can’t help but laugh out loud. Let me just mention the ones from the past one year. Pipi (personal pussy), big head, witch, corona, covik 19, pipi, anamu, sars, pipi and since yesterday my new name is now Joe Biden and he calls me these names with full confidence even in public 😂.

One comment

  1. I have noticed that my Dick has not been erecting so well for a week now , I’m so active and and very good in bed but even nudes has not been able to get me hard , I even tried using it last night but it didn’t respond well! And I used to masturbate some night to stress free and sleep ,but has not been able to do that , wat is happening to me ,I’m beginning to be concerned and scared. That’s one of my biggest assets as a guy and im
    not in Nigeria at the moment.
    please kindly advice .

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