Broken 1💔

I’ve been in one relationship since junior secondary school till university. My boyfriend(B) was all I had but it wasn’t so on his side. He cheated all through till university, I stayed around regardless. I grew up feeling I wasn’t enough because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong that made him cheat even after several times of apologising & promising to change.

Broken 2💔

In the university, I met a new & the first friend (M). He was more of my boyfriend(he was a good man aside cheating). I allowed myself to open up to this friendship because M was making the effort. Plus, I push everybody away because B so I literally have no one aside B. I fell in love with M along the way, I couldn’t help it.

Broken 3💔

But I didn’t want to date him yet I needed him because, at least I had someone to be there for me aside B. I still loved B and tried my best to balance my attention for these 2. In level 200, B was cheating with this new girl & I wasn’t comfortable. So I confronted the girl and B rather condemned me for that. Right in my face, he dated the girl and made it so clear.

Broken 4💔

This broke me💔. I expected B to at least appreciate me for the effort in making him know I need him not share him but that wasn’t it. Honestly, I lost it. A lot left me so I became very close with M and gave less energy to B because he made me feel he didn’t deserve it. It got to a time, B came to consciousness that he’s messing up and has to make amends.

Broken 5💔

He asked me to end friendship with M. Which I couldn’t because, yo this is the ONLY friend I have ( I was all there for you but you never appreciated me). He was making all possible efforts to make things right with us but honestly, I couldn’t even pay attention to anything he was doing because I’m broken💔. HE BROKE ME!.

Broken 6💔

Time flew and I just decided on working things out with B because he is the one I would want to marry. The fear of being broken once more still stayed so opening up fully was a big problem.
He hated everything involving M but I had to keep him on the low because I valued the friendship and was never ready to lose him.

Broken 7💔

Unfortunately, I had to break ties with M forever. So now, it’s just B & I. I lost myself after M left. Yes, B is making the effort to get me for himself but I’m scared of going back to that life. I was scared of having just him and no life aside him. I was scared of being fully committed because he can break me like he’s done always.

Broken 8💔

B gives the energy but doesn’t get it fully from me because he made me lose myself & the person who made me have a life. Unlucky for me, Karma pops in. B gets a friend like M was with me and now gives his all to her, expecting me to fight for him because I cheated and gave him less energy when he was giving his all🤦🏼‍♀️. But was that my fault? You made me that.

Broken 9💔

I confronted the girl to just set limits with her relations with B. B gets pissed at me for failing to give him the energy and confronting a 3rd party. As always, B stood by her side and asked for a break up. Because she was (is) his happiness & I’ve never been and he was just hanging around hoping I’d get back to a better me.

Broken 10💔

Was my crime allowing myself to open up to friendship? Was I a fool for sticking with you all throughout your cheating moments? He chooses the new girl over me a 1000 times and I’m broken💔. Why did you keep me shielded all my life when you know you didn’t like me. Why should me evolving just once be your reason for a breakup? The girl even called me a cheat who’s facing her karma💔💔💔, this life💔.

One comment

  1. You never learned from your past he left you once but you still went back to him he chose someone else over you but you still went back to him may I ask you why are you crying? Why didn’t you stand up for the love you had with M have you ever seen a cheat change? Low self-esteem made you tolerate a cheat to call you a cheat, grow up man up no one will ever fight for you if you don’t stand up for yourself don’t expect anyone to stand up for you. Karma doesn’t exist don’t even expect your ex to suffer he never suffered for cheating on you, you either take revenge and gain peace or you foolishly wait for karma that will never come. I wonder were some of you get the weakness of letting people walk over you like doormat, are you sure you were raised the same way we were raised or your head needs slap to reset it beat that B together with his new girlfriend get your revenge and beg M to come back that your pity party will not work on B he has no conscious unlike you he’s knows what he wants .

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