good mac

My mum poured hot water on me, it’s only by the grace of God that I have survived this long. My mum is so abusive that she will stab you or break the mob and use it to stab you. She has been brainwashing me since I was a kid that my dad was the abusive one. That’s what caused the divorced but from her actions, she is the abusive one, too abusive while my dad is the calm person. I have seen on this earth, just because you missed sweeping the house, she’ll burn all your clothes, smash your phone or use knife to chase you. She won’t miss it and after she’s done she will tell you sorry but the deed is already done. Most of the time, when she goes out and comes back I will see some condoms in her bag, I will pack them out and flush it down the toilet, only for her to go out the next day and fill it up. The day she noticed I rented an apartment was the day she poured hot water on me. And there is a way God created me or will I say I inherited it from my father, I don’t carry grudges for up to 24 hours and she knows that. That’s why she keeps doing all of it knowing fully well that I will forgive her. Once she begs and blames it on how she carried me 9 months, that I should know she has a hot temper but God is already blessing me through my business. I have already left her house to mine and will be travelling out soon.

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