😭 I’m lost

I’ve just had one boyfriend all my life. He’s literally the only person I have. He was cheating for years but I had no option than to stay because that was my only happiness. I found a new friend in a new environment and he gave me almost the same treatment as my boyfriend. We shared more time together and I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. To save my relationship, we had to get separated. I lost myself after he left my life so my energy towards my boyfriend was so low. Unfortunately, the tables have turned. My boyfriend has gotten a friend with a better vibe and I have to fight for his love💔 because he wants to switch to this new girl💔 but I’m broken💔😭.

One comment

  1. Sis he isnt worth it ….No man is eave him and tey to find yourself without anyone before jumping into another for happiness… you need to first find happiness withing yourself then get knto a relationshio… I hope you find your happiness and take care of your mental health your current boyfriend is messing it up and you have to boot him … he is trash and doesnt deserve a queen like you

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