I don’t know if this is right or wrong but I am just angry. My guy and I had an issue, I have not been able to communicate as I normally do and my vibe has been off. He uploaded a picture of him in the sitting room with his bag and another girls bag. I was angry and decided not to talk to him if he did not text me first. He did not even bother to text me. I was so angry, I messaged him about the bag issue and this boy called me a fool. I told him he went overboard because I am not a fool and I have never used any abusive word on him before. Next thing, he said he will call me a fool 20x because I keep annoying him with my questions about the lady’s bag after he has explained. And for me, his explanation just ain’t it. I just said “okay dear” after his rubbish 20x reply. I just wanted to pour out my mind somewhere😪. Thank you Connotare.

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