I just read about a girl saying her boyfriend looks like gold and she’s in rags and people said he’s spending on someone else. I was once in her shoes but changed and even started overspending after I confronted about my findings of him using my star to stay rich. He denied vehemently & even turned it to jokes. Okay but why the sudden change? We used to fight over as little as $10 but he’d be on social media doing giveaways.


I mean the findings were chilling and the look on his face when I said it, wow. Sometimes I don’t want to believe it but the way this boy used to behave with me compared to random girls, BIG difference. Nowadays, he’s always rushing to buy this and that, pay this and that, even upgraded me from 2016 android to the latest iPhone. Forget it. E dey somehow.


I remember during any little argument, he’d block me on everything and disappear for weeks. Tells his gateman to lock me out and stuff. But since the confrontation/revelation, it doesn’t matter what I do. He stays put, he’d look so desperate to calm me down. He doesn’t let me go without sorting it out. The drastic changes are like too much for something he’s denying😩.


Why am I still with him? I’m only here physically because I feel used, he knew something like this and left me wretched and frustrated. My resentment for him doubled but I just want to get everything; it’s like he’s paying overdue money. Like everything I missed out on, I make sure I get it. He on the other, he’s not comfortable at all. He called me a money waster, the effrontery 😡.


I think he secretly hates giving me one kobo. He’s relentless in trying to find out who made the findings for me. They said he should never let me break up with him and it’s funny because I asked them to check why he’s always so comfortable walking in and out of the relationship any chance he gets but would seriously try to raise hell or kill him self when I talk about a breakup.


I probably sound crazy and superstitious, hence no one would believe me but my family and friends do. We’re now always very alert because who knows what he’ll do next. He still won’t accept breakup which makes everything so believable. He’s become a stalker, still cheats and lies but I don’t care anymore but he’s scared. I’m just tired and wish everything could be over with without all this spiritual stuff. Bye.

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