There’s is this guy that asked me out four days ago, I visited him after one day. I was inside with this guy he started giving me signals, he told me to sleep on his body which I did actually he’s a sweet boy then he started kissing me all over my body
At a point I stopped him because I remembered I had a boyfriend, the guy asked me what’s wrong, I said noting then he continued with the kissing stuff🥺🥺. After then, he gave me head and he told he won’t have sex with me because we just met for the first time, I said okay. After all that, I went back home, he called me immediately I got back home. So this morning when he told me to visit him which I did, I didn’t tell my boyfriend about anything. I went to see this boy we where sitting down then he told me to wait for him inside
I went inside to cut the story short he had sex with me 😭I started feeling bad because my boyfriend will feel bad when he finds out I did something like that. I decided to tell my boyfriend about it
He got angry
Then later said I shouldn’t worry everything will be fine
Like five minutes, later he told me to fuck off
I’m dying, my heart is bleeding 😭😭

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