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I’m a very nice person and I so much love helping people financially because it gives me joy whenever I make the person happy.
My story goes like this
I have a particular friend I do dash money, buy data for and also borrow him money from #10,000 upward and I don’t disturb him till he pays back. I’m actually not used to disturbing people when they would pay back the money I borrowed them. So last week, this my friend called me to give him #2,000 for transport that he has a job somewhere but no money to transport himself to the place. At first, I told him I don’t have money then next thing he called me back and was seriously begging, I later transferred the money to him. The next day, this guy uploaded an outing picture of him and his girlfriend then two days later I called him and I jokingly said “abi it’s the money I gave you,you use to have fun with your babe” his reply was “ehn can’t you give us money for transport to go and chill” I didn’t even say a word again and I hung up. I really really felt bad that day.
This same particular guy always feels because I help him a lot, definitely I don’t need help. I once asked him for money and he told me that if I don’t tell him the reason that he won’t borrow me the money and for real he didn’t borrow me the money. Even sometimes if he comes to me for help when I’m broke, he would keep saying that I don’t want to help him that he knows I have the money.
The one I’m about to say is concerning my ex bestie
The same thing applies to her, I help her a lot,I can’t even say who have helped most between her and the first guy, both of them haven’t helped me financially. One day, my ex bestie updated her status and I replied her saying “this table you’re shaking, you’re also on it” the status was about her being sick and that particular person she was referring to didn’t check up on her but when it comes to help that’s when the person would be doing nice nice and to be sincere she as done this to me. When I said she is on that table her reply was “if she has come to me for help that I should start reminding her” I just read the chat and didn’t reply because I was shoked concerning the response.
So since the two people have helped most made me feel bad for being nice, I just want to stop being nice .

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4 months ago

Don’t stop.. your reward will come. You’re a nice and sweet person and you don’t deserve everything that happened but don’t stop❤️