Turning from side to side on the bed, not sure what the next line of action should be.
Should be?!

Life throws shades at us virtually on a daily basis.
But when it seems unending, one might be forced to start thinking or assuming his/hers is a different case. Like, must it be me? Must my own things be different? Am I sure I’m ok? Did great men/women have to really go through this same level (or more) of struggle? And then, people will always say things like “things will get better” “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel” “some people are going through worse” “this will only make you stronger” “you will look back on this day and smile”
If I may ask, what then happens when it seems like things have finally taken shape, and boom, back to square one?
What happens when you seem to have gone deep into the tunnel but there isn’t any sign of light? Like, what if the end of the tunnel has collapsed shut?
Why couldn’t you be like those who didn’t have to go through stuffs (I believe there are people like that)
What if, instead of making you stronger, it drains you completely?
What if there’s no smile in sight? Like, what if you give up before you get a chance to finally smile?

And I just keep tossing from side to side. My head filled with different thoughts. What should the next line of action be?

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