My old man❤

I just know my dad is the best man ever. He has been there for my siblings and I right from day 0. It’s quite sweet that he knows when I am at my lowest and he would do everything to make me happy. My siblings and others say I am my dad’s wife because we have this special bond. We communicate like siblings and plan the house budget like we are married. People say spare the rod and spoil the child, my old man spared that rod and my siblings and I are the most well behaved set of humans I have ever come across. I remember one time I followed him to work, his friends were talking about him getting another car and he said, he’d rather use that money to invest in his kids, he said I will get tired of the car but there would be joy in my heart when I see my children doing well. I miss his laughter, I miss the way he plays with us, I miss his food, I miss how he’d always have a solution for everything. I pray he lives long to reap the fruit of his labour.

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