My man has lied and cheated me a lot for the past 4 months now. This is our first experience with distance and lots of issues have happened since then. A drama happened and I would say it was serious, we really exchanged words of insults for hours. I got to know all the most annoying things, deep down I donโ€™t know what to do but after hours of silence, he did something he has never done. He wrote a write up apologizing and said a statement he never said before to me โ€œI donโ€™t want to loose you and I have changed nowโ€.
Waking up this morning I had the will of trying, knowing all we have gone through together but the uncertainty of if he is really going to change,if he really meant it and even seeing him remorseful. If I borrow him my trust again will he value it? Or will I get hurt again?
My heart aches a lot with the feeling of emptiness. If I can think of all we went through and stay 100, why did he have to give so much deceit.
I feel so stupid and foolish for loving someone.

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