I have this doctor friend that I admire a lot even though I have a boyfriend . I don’t want to say I’m being promiscuous but I really like that doctor a lot, not only because he is actually my role model but I see a future for us. Now the problem is that he hasn’t asked me out but I don’t understand his move. He is fond of calling me just to tell me how much he missed me and that I should return to school (I’m a medical student). Not long did he taste my food after a long disturbance of wanting to have a taste. Though he doesn’t call often but most times when he calls me,he is always like “don’t accept any guy oh”, I don’t know what he is driving at. At first, I thought he wanted to just have sex with me but I guess I was wrong. He has never for once asked me to come to a place to see him. Instead he always want to come and see me at my place in school. He is always concerned about me studying, that’s the part I love most about him. I really need someone to suggest what his move is about because I really don’t understand.

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