Hello! I’ve been writing several times here on Connotare and my last post was titled ‘Death’❗I’m a 25 year old lady from Tanzania! I have so much grief within me that i have tried in several ways to get rid of it like (talking to my mom, friends, praying, asking pastors to pray for me etc) but nothing has changed and it’s 6 months now, i’m living with this pain and grief❗Today i woke up with an idea of commiting suicide but still scared❗God has blessed me with a good family and a nice job! But some things just don’t workout with me now! At least i can share this here! How can someone be praying for whole six months and nothing changes❗I guess the spirit of death is just haunting me❗Is there anyone from my country reading this? Thanks connotare for this platform!! Thanks to everyone here who have been giving hope to depressed people!! It helps alot!! I love you all!! God bless you!! I still don’t know what’s life❓So many things in it good and bad!! For me; i’m just so weak to take the bad things in it!! I’m giving up!! Love you!!


  1. I refuse to see the negatives in this post and I’ll take the positives . You said it yourself that God has blessed you with a good family and a nice job. Do you know how many people out there wish for what you have ? You also said somethings don’t work out for you . Believe me or not , everyone has something they keep praying and wishing for . Things will always fall into place . Please don’t give up .

  2. Hello Connotare! Thanks for the comforting words!! It’s just that sometimes i get so low that i cant move away from my bed and it affects my daily activities!! I’ve tried every way to get rid of this feeling but it hasn’t work out yet!! And all this is because of a breakup with my 5 years boyfriend! And its been 6 months now! I can’t move on!! How long does it take for a person to move on after a break up?? And why haven’t you shared my story on Ig? Thanks once again

    1. Thanks for getting back to me . I apologize for not sharing your story on Instagram. The comment section on Instagram doesn’t allow anonymous interactions and I wanted to talk to you personally . A break up of 5 years is really hard . I know what it feels like to be in your shoes . It shows how much you love the person and 6 months is not even enough to move on from someone you really love . I know of someone who took 2 years to move on from a heartbreak, I know of another person who took over 3 years to move on from a heart break . Believe me when I say that they’re both happy now . It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to move on but I can assure you that once you do , you will be happy . It’s not a crime to be in love with someone as much as you do , it shows you are human and you have a beautiful heart . You have a great family and a great job , those are things to be happy about . Please learn to think more about the things that make you happy . You have to be strong for me , I need you to be strong for me .

  3. Oh okay! Thanks once again! For taking your time replying to me! And i’m also good in giving advice! But you know in swahili we say ‘Mganga hajigangi’ that means ‘A doctor cannot heal himself’!!
    And i know you’re also a human!! Either a man or a lady!!
    Whenever you need a chat or advice or a prayer please check me! I would also like to help!!

    1. It’s true that a doctor can’t heal himself but there is a sense of fulfillment knowing how many people have been healed through you . That is exactly why I want you to be a source of hope and strength to others . If you can come out of this , then you’ll be a source of inspiration to others . And also thanks 😊 for your offering to advice and pray for me . That means I can count on you that in many years from now if I need you , you will be there because you stood strong and refused to give up . Thank you so much for reaching out to me .

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