My boyfriend posts pictures of girls on his status and puts captions that shows he admires them but he never posts me. Sometimes he’d post pictures with these girls and caption it “my baby” “sweetheart” . I don’t get it. Does that mean he’s not dating me or they’re better than me? It’s obvious he cheats and is not even scared to rub it to my face. We just got back after a long break from the relationship only for me to wake up to another story today he uploaded another girl’s picture(both of them holding each other) . I’m pissed honestly and I can’t take it anymore. If he has these girls then he shouldn’t be needing me so I’m going to call it off. I’m done!! I know I’m not overreacting and no one should say he’s keeping relationship private because when you love someone truly, you will love, respect them and even be scared to allow them see you with someone else. I’m out of the relationship. I hope this is enough reason to walk out.

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