I met with my ex/boyfriend yesterday💃Thing is we have been away from each other since this year. I just found the love depreciating and so I have refused to see him. I even lost the attraction I used to feel towards him but yesterday something pushed me to go out with him(he has been calling and missing me) so i did and we had a good time. I don’t know how this attraction came up again, we had dinner together, played, laughed and had very hot sex. Dammnnnn I loveddd it😄😄, my feet were just trembling. I must confess he has this king Kong energy and I miss him honestly. Now I know I just needed time to miss him and all we do together. He fucked me so hard and raw that i could barely walk and gave me good head game as well😊😊 I dripped all over😄😝 I can’t stop thinking about yesterday, I want him now, I want all of him please 😭😄❤ Baby I love you and I’ll always be your girl❤❤❤

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