Heartbroken 😫💔

I am so hurt right now , can you claim you love someone and you will say many bitter things to them ? My two years relationship is on hold right now . We had this issue this afternoon. He went off so early. We both said Goodnight just like usual. This morning , he didn’t come online and my message is not even viewed. Call to Nigeria takes money here and I couldn’t even go to the store but I knew he went off because of something. I left him some messages. When he came back this afternoon , it was terrible . We had some arguments because I didn’t call him while he was off , I even explained. God this boy called me names (like my IQ level is low, he said I’m a problem , shitty , I have no sense , that my brain is in my shoes😮 , I don’t think with my senses and I’m hot blooded. Seriously I was crying , it may not sound so bad but it does to me . Please can any one take that and go back into the relationship and this is not the first or the second time he is doing this.
This time I just had enough
And sorry can’t solve this😭

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