Suicide thought 😭😭😭😭😭

My life has always been full of sorrow since i lost my mom at 9 years and my father died before i was born . I’m his only child, I have an elder sister but we only have the same mother and we did not grow up together . Since i was born we have only spent few months together. The worst part is that we haven’t sat and talk as brother and sister for a day . I’m just stuck the way i grew up , i turned 28 this year January and i still can’t account for anything that i have achieved . It’s really making me depressed, makes me thinking about suicide everyday.
Everybody thinks I’m fine but I’m not, the only person i think i have now is my girlfriend but she’s like MTN network, sometimes she is even worsening my situation . We are just together , she doesn’t know what I’m going through within.
I know happiness is a choice but it’s very hard for me to decide whether to be happy or not, I really want to be happy.
I gathered courage to write this .

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