I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years and some months, she is my first love and we live in 2 different countries (long distance relationship). To be honest , i really love this girl and i want to get married to her soonest. She has always claimed to be sincere with me and not cheating on . There is this guy she told me about all in the name of trying to be sincere with me but i was suspecting something was going on between them. Fast forward to last year when i came back to nigeria to spend 1 month with her, i noticed she had some messages and contacts deleted from her phone so we had an issue . The night i found this out , i really wanted to break up with her that same night but she started crying and said yes that something happened that i didn’t know about . The guy has been tempting her and it resulted to her going to the guys lodge in school , cooked for him and had kissed him but nothing more than that. I genuinely forgave her after she promised that there’s nothing else she’s hiding from me but when i went back i somehow got her facebook password and saw some flirtatious messages she has been exchanging with some guys when we started dating . I called her and had a fight again and said she will confess . She told me about it and said there’s nothing too serious about it. Right now it’s really hard to trust her again and mehn i love this girl but i don’t trust her anymore . How can i get myself to trust her again ? I really love her and don’t see myself with another woman in future.

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