I’ve been single for about two years now and my sister has been trying to hook me up with some of her friends but I no just wan gree. She pestered me to at least see one of her friends because according to her he’s very much single and since I don’t have a boyfriend, we should just date. He came to our house last three weeks despite the lockdown just to see me. I almost died. This guy and I once had a one night stand during my days of wakawaka back then in school and he paid me , like it was a P thing. I almost fainted when I saw him but surprisingly , he doesn’t seem to recognize me. This one night stand happened about four years ago and I’m actually bigger in the right places and looking fresher so maybe that’s why . I’m so scared his brain might reboot and he’ll remember because we’ve been talking since then . I’m falling for him already and he also said he likes me very much. Guys , this man is a catch. He’s six years older than me,calm and level headed . He’s tall , caramel skinned with a dimple on his left cheek. His voice nkor ? It can make a reverend sister sin. He’s financially comfortable too so money no be problem at all . In total , he’s a good catch with a really warm personality. I feel we could have something good together but will the memories of my heydays come back to haunt me ? I don’t want to start this relationship with secrets but at the same time , I don’t want to lose him ! I’m just so scared. I didn’t even tell my sister and the weight is something else in my chest. He’s been saying he couldn’t wait for places to be open so he can take me out on a proper date. I’m afraid I might not be able to look into his eyes and he might notice my countenance 😭😭😭😭

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  1. Conquer your fears. Don’t think about it. Since he didn’t remember, you don’t need to tell. It could change everything. My 1 cent

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