FaFa 🥰❤

Hey guys! Lol I feel like I’m talking to my imaginary best friends hehehehe. Thank you for your funny and cool comments , they keep some of us going and thanks for making this place a safe space by not being judgemental. . Anyyyywwayss! So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months but in between , we’ve been having fights and all. I’m quick to anger so I tend to overreact and escalate tiny issues into full blown wahala. So I did (abi said) something really cruel to him during our last fight some days ago and I feel so so bad even till now. I really wish I’d have a handle over my anger , it’s ruining stuff. Anyways , we made up today after I had to beg for two days , lol . But then I feel these fights have caused a gap between me and him. My boyfriend is a hottie , as in your dream tall , dark and handsome bearded man . He’s really cute so I’m sure he can have whoever he wants and girls always throw themselves at him . Asides the looks , he’s a really good guy and very nice and good natured with an attractive personality but for some reason he wants to be with me. I can tell he wants to make this work but these damn fights ehn , it’s ruining stuff . So I promised him that would be the last time I’d overreact and say nasty stuff when I’m mad . Now I need to win my man back and I need y’all help. I want that initial vibe when we started dating. The way he wanted to be with me all the time and all the new love butterflies feeling. I want to restore that old system , you know. So could you guys please suggest gentle ways to make him fall helplessly in love with me like before without me looking like I’m trying too hard ? We are still together and he still insists he loves me but I want things to be better. He’s putting in efforts so I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Suggestions please . (I know this is not a relationship blog , I’m so sorry but I don’t really have friends to talk to or trust that’s why I’m doing this). Thank You!🥰🥰🥰

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