My man does not know he played himself not me . We were talking and he started apologizing on how he has been treating me, I knew the pig will still go back to being one. Few hours after begging he went back to his ways.
I am beautiful and a complete package, I know my worth . I asked him can you ever change, he said yes🤣. Each day he doesn’t know how much he broke me and is still breaking me. I love him a lot and he broke the best part in me, I kept praying each day for God to help us but we all have limits. I know we all have our flaws but try as much as possible to never break that one person that will always put you first even when her life is on the line. He really changed, nobody knows how the past 3 months has been annoying . They all think we are perfect. I made up my mind to leave him today, with no sign or notice . Not even me saying let’s end it . I really feel lifeless right now, I pray I don’t lose myself more than this.

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