Hmm, okay let me start from somewhere . My parents parted ways many years ago and we the kids especially me as the eldest had to struggle for my well being and that of my siblings . It’s been a long time coming and the struggle hasn’t been easy but kudos to God Almighty , he has always got our back and he’s seeing us through . Long story short , my mom got really sick recently and she was rushed to my house after being admitted and we all found out she’s HIV positive 😭😭😭 . How are we the kids gonna stay with this stigma . Though we keeping it confidential but it’s heart breaking 💔💔 and seeing her around makes me feel unsafe but I have nowhere to chase her to. I still love her as my mom and it hurts seeing her in such a broken state . As for my dad , he has moved on with his life and happily married with kids but here’s my mom battling with this disease . Dunno if I should inform her family or keep it to myself and my immediate brother because we are the only ones who knows about it.

PS.. I need guidance on how to cope with this because I’m moving her in and need prayers for safety because I’m young and family oriented. Will be looking out for kind thoughts on how to roll with this. Thanks and God bless.

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